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prepared according to the authentic recipe

Frankfurter sausages proudly hold the title of the best-quality product in their respective category. They are made of carefully selected meat and traditional spices and the application of modern technology guarantees high quality and recognizable taste. They are made of pork, filled in natural sheep casing, dried, boiled and smoked. Sausages similar to today’s frankfurters were eaten as early as Homer’s time and during the time of the Odyssey, nine centuries before Christ. The frankfurter manufacturing technique as we know it today was first applied in Frankfurt (am Main) back in 1280 and, at the time, the sausages made in that town were considered the only true, original frankfurters. They became globally popular in the 17th century when a butcher from Bavaria, Johann Georg Lahner, moved from Frankfurt to Vienna and brought with him his frankfurter manufacturing skill. The original hot dog is a combination of frankfurters and sliced buns.

Why Frankfurters?

Gavrilović hot dogs – the perfect combination of quality and taste that will win you over from the first bite!

  • unique and fine texture
  • traditionally smoked over beech wood
  • prepared according to the original recipe of the old Gavrilović masters
  • stay soft and savoury after boiling
Why Frankfurters?


Authentic recipe

Carefully selected spices achieve authentic taste carried over through generations.


Rich and juicy taste combined with a mildly spiced and smoky aroma.


Tender and enticing aroma carrying notes of spice, smoke and fresh meat.

Nutritional values

Nutritive value at

100 g

Energy (kJ/kcal)


Fats (g)


of which saturated fatty acids (g)


Carbohydrates (g)


of which sugars (g)


Protein (g)


Salt (g)


Serving suggestions

Frankfurters are excellent for a quick and easy meal throughout the day with the addition of various sauces and side dishes. We usually serve them briefly boiled or baked in dough. Juicy delight in just 3 minutes!

Did you know

Hot dogs saw their success at the 1955 Paris Exposition. This fair was a key moment in the history of industrial, artistic and technologic progress, and played an important role in the promotion and presentation of various innovations from that time.

Our secret lies in the careful selection of high quality meat, spices and traditional recipes that have been carried over for generations. Every hot dog is created with love and dedication, and every step in the preparation of our hot dogs is infused with passion and respect towards the recipes that led up to this moment.



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