Debrecen sausage
Debrecen sausage Debrecen sausage

Debrecen sausage

Sausages for cooking and frying

prepared according to the authentic recipe

The Debrecen Sausage was named after the Hungarian town of Debrecen. It is slightly smoked and spiced up with peppers, which accounts for the unique reddish-orange colour, distinguishing it from other sausages. Its characteristic taste appeals to those who love strong and pungent flavours.

Why Debrecen sausage?

Gavrilović sausages – the perfect combination of quality and flavor that will win you over from the first bite!

  • unique and fine texture
  • traditionally smoked over beech wood
  • prepared according to the original recipe of the old Gavrilović masters
  • retain juiciness and softness after cooking
Why Debrecen sausage?


Authentic recipe

Carefully selected spices achieve authentic taste carried over through generations.


It has a rich taste and a juicy and fine texture that retains its softness even after cooking.


Enticing aroma with a strong smoky note.

Nutritional values

Nutritive value at

100 g

Energy (kJ/kcal)


Fats (g)


of which saturated fatty acids (g)


Carbohydrates (g)


of which sugars (g)


Protein (g)


Salt (g)


Serving suggestions

Being so soft and savoury, the Debrecen Sausage is great for grilling or frying in a pan. Lovers of more intense flavours will use the Debrecen sausage as a perfect ingredient for aromatic stews or beans au gratin.

Did you know

Sausages come in all flavors, from spicy and hot to mild and delicate. This makes them an ideal choice for various dishes and occasions.

The preparation of sausages is an art that has been carried over from generation to generation. Sausage masters hold on to authentic recipes and techniques, preserving tradition spanning back centuries. Every sausage has its story, its characteristic taste and smell, whether it is a smoked, spicy or classic version. The scent of smoke and taste of carefully selected spice return us to past times, while modern technology ensures continuous quality and food safety.


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