Gavrilović continuously maintains its leadership position and permanently invests in quality, but also in new products and processes that are still based on the preservation of tradition, and remain what they always were.

Gavrilović… More than a surname, more than a brand. Through decades of existence and business, tireless creation, it has become a synonym for tradition, quality; for the best of what we serve on our tables every day.

Gavrilović is actually an icon that every generation happily accepts, and steps forward together with it, truly enjoying every new day and every new bite together.

It is precisely in these refined gourmet moments that we always find Gavrilović pâté. Anyone who has tried them knows that they can really feel the difference. That difference lies in the creation process, where the knowledge and skills of Gavrilović masters are intertwined with the use of only the finest, selected ingredients. Of course, with an indispensable touch of tradition, but also modern technologies and approaches to production.

All this firmly established Gavrilović pâté as number one in Croatia. Beloved, unique and still on the throne for a reason. And with carefully planned activities, investments, new launches, and recognizable and bold communication, it is clear that it will stay here. Because in everything, but most of all in approach, recipe and numerous flavors, i.e. the breadth of the portfolio, they really have no equal. This fact is confirmed by research and sales results, i.e. feedback and only positive experiences from professionals and consumers. Because Gavrilović pâtés, everyday or for special occasions, are always the right and first choice. Gladly chosen. Created by the chosen, served for the chosen. For those who recognize, appreciate and enjoy tasting “number one”.

Proud of its position as a leader on the domestic market in numerous segments, especially in the pâté segment, Gavrilović is still committed to following his path of excellence. By further investing in people, innovations and processes, nurturing tradition and preserving the trust and love of its consumers, Gavrilović remains where it is… In the hearts. On the shelf where we can always find it. At the top where we are used to seeing it.

„Gavrilović, number one in the pâté category in Croatia“ 
According to the latest BRANDpuls survey, the first on the BRANDscore list of brand strength in the pâté category, II. wave 2022
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“According to data from the trade panel that ACNielsen d.o.o. (hereinafter: NielsenIQ) conducted in Croatia on a representative sample of retail stores for the Pâté category, the “GAVRILOVIĆ” brand has the highest value share (31.7%) and the highest volume share (30.3%) in Croatia in the last twelve months ending with May 2023 (in the period June 2022 – May 2023) in the Pâté category.

The above calculations are based on NielsenIQ data from the trade panel, according to which “GAVRILOVIĆ” is the leading brand in value and volume sales of the pâté category in Croatia in the period June 2022 – May 2023 (copyright® 2023, Nielsen Consumer LLC, all rights reserved ).”

* This Certificate of Market Position is valid for twelve months from the date of issue.

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We would like to inform you that Gavrilović is starting halal production again and will soon offer products with Halal certification in its assortment.

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Dear Gavrilović pâté fans! By now you’ve noticed our “ENJOY THE NEXT MOVE!” announcement. This very announcement is a response to your suggestions to change our current packaging by promising something new that you’ve been asking for. The additional and total pleasure of all senses.

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