Parisien with vegetables
Parisien with vegetables Parisien with vegetables

Parisien with vegetables

Deli Sausage

prepared according to the authentic recipe

One of our most popular semi-permanent sausages, nicknamed "parizer". It is a common choice for any sandwich, with the vegetable enriched version being even more special. A semi-permanent pork sausage is stuffed into a casing of a wider diameter. Each Gavrilović sausage carries the legacy of family tradition and a passionate dedication to creating top-quality delicacies. Carefully selected meat, the finest spices and precisely balanced recipes make every sausage a real pleasure.

Why Parisien with vegetables?

Our sausage is a synonym for excellence – every bite reveals fullness of flavor and texture that will win you over.

  • one of Gavrilović most popular cooked sausages
  • is part of a product group aimed at the widest range of consumers
  • prepared according to the original recipe of the old Gavrilović masters
Why Parisien with vegetables?


Authentic recipe

Carefully selected spices achieve authentic taste carried over through generations.


A mild and recognizable taste dominated by the juiciness of pork meat and selected spices.


Rich and enticing aroma, carrying notes of spices and fresh meat.

Nutritional values

Nutritive value at

100 g

Energy (kJ/kcal)


Fats (g)


of which saturated fatty acids (g)


Carbohydrates (g)


of which sugars (g)


Protein (g)


Salt (g)


Serving suggestions

Deli counter sausages are cut into thin slices, up to 1 mm thick. It is important to peel off the casing before slicing.

Thin slices of cooked sausages are a perfectly safe choice that both older and younger, exacting eaters will agree upon, especially children. They are usually served as the main ingredient to various hot and cold sandwiches along with hard or melted cheese and fresh vegetables. When cut into dices or strings, cooked sausages are often included in colourful salads that make a truly refreshing meal when combined with vegetables, cheese, cream and seasonings.

Gavrilović cooked sausages often play a significant gastronomic role in fanciful finger-food dishes and salads for special occasions. This is why it is important to have some in the fridge at all times!

Did you know

Deli Counter Sausages are often used as an ingredient in dishes like pasta, sandwiches, pizza and salads. Their universal use makes them a versatile ingredient in the kitchen.

In the world of deli sausages, Gavrilović deli counter sausage are a real star that conquers palates for decades. Through generations, the Gavrilović name is synonym for high quality and irresistible taste and our deli sausages are no exception. A quick snack or a rich meal, our sausages will inspire you to explore new flavors and creative combinations. Let every bite be a refreshing reminder of the variety and richness of gastronomy.


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